Trailer Services

Truck and Trailer Frame Repair
Truck and Trailer Brake Repair (Air & Electric)
Aluminum and Steel Welding
Trailer Axle Replacement
Trailer Axle Alignment
Truck and Trailer Lift Axle Installation
Truck and Trailer In-Frame Axle Straightening
Trailer Wreck Repair
Steel and Aluminum Fabrication
Truck and Trailer Federal DOT Inspections
Truck and Trailer Minnesota DOT Inspections
Hydraulic Wet Kit Installation and Repair
Complete General Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance
Trailer ABS / Trailer Anti-Lock Brake System Installation and Repair
Trailer Wall Replacement and Trailer Roof Replacement / Trailer Wall Repair and Trailer Roof Repair
Trailer Rolling Curtain Sales and Trailer Rolling Curtain Installation

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Josh Wessels - Service Manager



Waylon Zieman - Foreman/Service Advisor



Donald Lindstrom - Foreman/Assistant Service Advisor